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We are a CFA and TICA registered cattery.

Crazy Cat Ladies United

Ratatat Cattery is the merging of crazy cat lady besties into one cattery. Although we specialize in the hairless cat, one of us does breed the Devon Rex and Teddy Rex variety. So we occasionally have these breeds.

We started breeding our own cats after purchasing kittens from several other breeders that resulted in severe illnesses. After heartbreak and expensive veterinarian costs, we came to the realization that if you start with genetically sound breeders, you will produce healthy, happy cats and still maintain breed standards.

Our hairless cats are that and more!!!

History of the Sphynx

The Sphynx as we know it today is originally a Canadian breed that derives from a spontaneous genetic mutation. In 1966, one of a litter of kittens born to an ordinary short-haired black and white domestic cat was born hairless. The hairless kitten was then bred back to its mother and another hairless cat was born.
The Sphynx's relative hairlessness is a result of a recessive genetic mutation Both parents need to carry the "hairlessness" gene in order to have all of the resulting kitten born hairless.
People eventually referred to them as Sphynx Cats, because of their resemblance to an ancient Egyptian cat sculpture. This is an intelligent, inquisitive, comical, extremely friendly breed that is people-oriented. They are demanding for human attention and will do anything for a laugh and attention. We call it annoyingly friendly.
Sphynx commonly greet their owners at the front door showing their happiness that you returned. Sphynx are known to be the lap cat of all lap cats. Due to their hairlessness they seek out warmth. This may be YOU!
Sphynx cats are a good choice for people who suffer from cat dander allergies.

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Does your house feel lonely without a cat snuggled up on your couch or lounging in the patch of sunlight on your floor? You can purchase a friendly, lovable cat from Ratatat Cattery. We breed and sell gorgeous Sphynx cats that your whole family will adore.

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Ratatat Cattery breeds hairless Sphynx cats

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When you purchase a cat from us, you can rest assured they are healthy and pre-soiled. All kittens come with a health warranty.

Different cats are priced differently. We breed Sphynx, Bambino, and Munchkin cats. You can pick out your new friend in person or select from a series of photos.

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