What to Expect

When You Bring Your Kitten Home

Your kitten came with some of the food they are used to. Please do not make diet changes for the first 3 - 4 days.

Furless babies utilize higher protein and taurine than their furry friends. Consider this when switching foods. Switching brands is fine, switching proteins should be done slowly. Kittens and cats don't always drink enough water. Feeding wet food helps with hydration. As do fountains.

Your kitten is already litter box trained. Please use the litter they are used to here. You can switch when the bag is gone. They will be acclimated at that time.

Keeping your kitten warm is imperative. They can chill easily. They will eventually grow a layer of fat and be able to seek out warmth. Most likely on top of you.

Your kitten will adapt to your household dynamics. Such as your schedule, children, noises, other pets. It is your existing household that needs to adapt to the kitten. If you have other pets, precautions need to be taken. Although it can be stressful the first few days, they will all be BFF in the end.

Your kitten will need a safe place. A place they will go to when they are frightened or overwhelmed. Think of this prior to taking the kitten home.

Interesting Facts

Did you know? Cats with abnormal hair follicles like sphynx don't absorb topical medication like flea products the way coated cats do. Lacking the ability for follicle absorption oral medication is a better choice.

Sphynx cats produce oils that are not absorbed due to the lack of fur. These oils are minimal in most. Easily washed off clothing, sheets etc. But it can stain their teeth.

They will have stained teeth as kittens. Soon after your kitten arrives, they will lose their deciduous teeth. All 26. They will get their permanent teeth. All 30, bright and white. That won't last. Their oils from grooming, will stain them. Some Sphynx rarely groom. This does come off during routine dental cleanings.

Nursing kittens can have black tongues from nursing. This will go away once they start eating.

Without eyelashes eye discharge, is well...... discharged. This can be on your walls etc. Most commonly where their favorite spot is. Pretty sure this is what they make Gorilla glue out of. Very difficult to remove once dried. Washing their face in the morning helps.


Would you be surprised to hear Sphynx cats are NOT hypoallergenic? Although it is true that some people with cat allergies (me) find they may tolerate a Sphynx cat. Some cannot and continue to have issues.

A cats fur is not the source of your allergies. Someone with cat allergies is mainly sensitive to the protein Fel d 1, which is in the cats saliva, urine, and dander, not their fur.

Due to frequent bathing, the lack of fur, or even the fuzzier Sphynx, lack of the under coat that becomes airborne, and the reactive chemical in their saliva, Sphynx may be an option for some allergy suffering cat lovers.

Allergy tests, such as a visit to our cattery are not always a successful test. You may not be bothered until you have the cat home for a while. Keep this in mind prior to purchasing. Kittens rarely bother people. Light colored cats generally produce less of the allergen than the darker colored cats. Females are said to produce less than males.

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We offer continued mentoring. Feel free to contact us anytime.

When do kittens leave?
Kittens leave when they're ready. They are all different and the exact dates or ages can not be set. We look for several milestones in development, including their desire to seek out their person. Too early or too late, the kitten struggles unnecessarily. We will be in constant contact with you about your kitten pick-up date.

They will be pre-spoiled. Just take them home and love them.!!